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OMG! Monster Is Girl

Oh! No! We Will Die

Hannah, Queen of awesomeness
3 December 1989
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I am so awesome.

..okay not really.

...and that's terrible, 80's music, ace attorney, adam west, angel and the ape, annoying music, astro city, batman:-the-brave-and-the-bold, bats, being awesome, being lazy, big barda, black*rock shooter, blossom bubbles and buttercup, bonnie tyler, boostle, buttons, cake, cartoons, cats, cheesy things, collage, cosmic horrors, cowboy hats, dance magic dance, dat ass, dcau, disney, dolls, doodling, dr. pepper, dvd commentary, el tigre, fanart, fluffy things, funky socks, ga~ga~oh~la~laa~, giant robots, girls kicking ass, good characterization, gotta catch em all, gratuitous singing and dancing, hair metal, happily ever after, harvest moon, hey arnold, holy interests batman, it's super effective!, jackie chan, jim henson, kill bill, koalas, labyrinth, ladies, ladies who like ladies, lasers, leather jackets, lowbrow, meat loaf, mechanical pencils, megas xlr, mister miracle, mojo jojo, monster rancher, monsters, more pokemon, mr. mime, musicals, my kitties, my socks don't match, mythology, naming inanimate objects, neon, never-gonna-give-you-up, never-gonna-let-you-down, never-gonna-run-around-and-desert-you, nice people, not-so-giant robots, oh-god-my-eyes-it-burns, other stuff, outrageous!!, penguins, pikachu, pizza, platupi, plushies, pogeymanzzzz, pokemon, popped collars, posters, powerpuff girls, princess mononoke, project runway, punching evil, purdy clothes, quick-robin-to-the-batmobile, rain, rainbows, raygun gothic, rotom, sailor moon, samurai jack, saving-the-world-before-bedtime, scribble scrabble, shiny things, shipping, silly things, sleeping, snakes, sparkles, starman, static shock, stickers, striped socks, stuff, stupid hipster crap, stupid music, stupid t-shirts, superbuddies, superdictionary, superheroes, surrealism, the power of love, things, tim gunn, toon titans, toys, utena, wall-e, weird animals, wtf, yokai, zzzzzzz